HeartiSense provides a new experience in CPR training, with improved, smarter manikins.HeartiSense Exciting provides a realistic training experience to all trainees based on a range of virtual training scenarios similar to actual situations of cardiac arrest. By offering a realistic training environment, HeartiSense Exciting enables first-aid activities suitable for specific situations and provides real-time feedback during training to improve the ability to immediately react to the situation.

HeartiSense consists of the HeartiSense kit and a wide variety of HeartiSense apps. Users may choose an application suitable for their environment and purposes.HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter. HeartiSense enables accurate and effective training and assessment, along with increased engagement in the training process and easier trainee management. The impressive CPR training experience provided by HeartiSense will help you save your own life and the lives of people around you.

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