Staying Alive integrates all the features regarding AED mapping and evolves regularly to provide the best user experience. It's a free application that combines defibrillator mapping and "Good Samaritan" management. The mapping, which lists more than 120,000 defibrillators, makes it possible to quickly find nearby defibrillators in an emergency situation.

The "Good Samaritan", allows anyone trained in first aid to help save a life by being alerted in case of cardiac arrest nearby. The application allows to register in a few clicks. Just provide a picture of a diploma or training certificate. Staying Alive has received the support of the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU).

Other features of the application are:
- Reporting new defibrillators. You can report new defibrillators even when there is no network connection. They will be sent to the server as soon as you are connected again.
- A reminder of saving gestures with the survival chain illustration "Call, Massage, Defibrillate and wait for help"
- A practical guide to using an External Automatic Defibrillator (AED).
- An "Emergency" mode that will help you if you are confronted with a cardiac arrest to perform the right actions in the right order.
Staying Alive is available in 18 languages.

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